Loom Knitting Made Easy!

When I design and write patterns I try and do so in a way which makes loom knitting as easy and fun as possible – even for a complete beginner.

  1. As far as possible, I use the loom itself to determine the overall width/length of a finished item so no complicated sizes or gauges to work out.
  2. Where a specific number of rows is required, I actually provide numbered boxes on my patterns – you can just tick off the boxes as you complete rows, no more getting lost! Also, if you laminate the patterns or put them in a plastic sheet protector, you can use a wipe clean pen and re-use that pattern over and over.
  3. I spell out everything so, again, if you’re a beginner (or like me and forget!), you won’t need to keep referring back to a glossary to find what something means. Patterns are written in full.
  4. All my patterns contain an accompanying video tutorial so if you need a visual to help you, it’s all there!