I am a self taught loom knitter and crocheter with around 13 years experience in total. I started with crochet and quickly developed a love for amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small yarn, stuffed creatures), which led to me filling our house with small woollen toys!

Then, about 6 years ago I discovered loom knitting. Having tried needle knitting and deciding I was way too cool for that (i.e, I couldn’t do it!), I latched on to the looms very quickly and enjoyed it hugely.

Of course, I started with a hat (doesn’t everyone?), but quickly decided that these clever looms must be more versatile than that. So, I set about experimenting and coming up with ways to create more than just hats and scarves. Since then I have made toys, socks, slippers, jumpers, dresses and a lot more besides… oh and, yes, hats and scarves!

About a year ago I started adding loom knitting tutorials to my You Tube channel and as my subscribers grew I decided to add this website to pull everything together – tutorials, written patterns, knitting kits, advice, help and inspiration.

Thanks for visiting and happy loom knitting 🙂